Highlighting the Unsung Heroines of Royal Class Service

This year’s International Women’s Day, held on March 8th, was a perfect reminder to take time to celebrate the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women. And while there is a lot to celebrate, there is still a long way to go—particularly in the home service industry. Industries like plumbing and HVAC have historically been dominated by men, with women currently only making up about 2.5% of plumbers and 1.7% of HVAC technicians nationwide.

Things are slowly starting to change though. Resources, recruiting efforts, mentorships, and networking opportunities are now showing more and more women how rewarding a career in the plumbing and HVAC trades can be. Personally, our team at Royal Class Service would be at a loss if we didn’t have such knowledgeable and strong women on our staff.

We know firsthand the impact that a skilled and diligent staff has on our customers’ experience and our workmanship—which is why we only hire the best. Today, we wanted to shine a light on four members of our exceptional team that aren’t customer-facing, but are integral in making Royal Class Service the best home service provider in Hudson Valley.

Dianne – Installation Coordinator

Dianne shines at managing all the moving parts that come with running the daily, weekly, and monthly needs of the business. She sets our team up for success by compiling and distributing work orders and client information while obtaining city-specific permits and arranging for code enforcement to be done by an inspection agency. She even expertly handles client concerns so that our team and the customer are left satisfied.

What is even more impressive, is that Dianne coordinates all of these moving parts without formal training in the trade. She has taught herself industry procedures and jargon to ensure that our team is always at the top of our game. Dianne wears several hats as well, she is able to cross over from admin to dispatcher and has fulfilled the ongoing role as CSR when needed. Somehow while Dianne has learned all this on her own, she performs at her highest level daily keeps the team at RCS in line and still honors her nature to nurture the entire team!

Chris – Numbers Expert

Chris is our expert bookkeeper. She constantly goes above and beyond for us, by not only sticking to basic bookkeeping, like most businesses would require, but also providing monthly budgets, verifying job costs, and organizing every individual report our technicians generate. This is no small feat, especially considering that Chris came to us with no knowledge of industry terminology or item codes we utilize. She is a pro at learning on the fly and consumes industry knowledge like trade-specific best practices, which is a testament to her excellent work ethic.

Her fast and accurate recordkeeping isn’t all Chris does for us either. Her natural desire to contribute to the community has made her a perfect fit for the role of ambassador of charitable giving.

Deanna – Marketing Guru

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and Deanna has expertly navigated these changes from moment one. Deanna is a self-starter and singlehandedly creates the news-worthy and relevant content that gets our company’s name out to people who need plumbing and HVAC services the most. Starting her marketing education by completing the GKIC program, she continues to grow in her marketing expertise through learning the newest marketing software, to better manage our extensive client list, as well as applications like Facebook and Instagram, to better interact with our customers.

Deanna is constantly rising to the occasion, and her drive and determination is an inspiration to our entire team.

Cassie – Trade Ally

While not an actual Royal Class Service employee, Cassie has made a huge impact on our business. Her passion for selflessly helping others is palpable and her counsel has helped our company grow—exposing our high-quality services to even more people.

It is a team of powerful people that creates comfort in our clients’ lives. While it is the technician that always gets the hero’s welcome, the likelihood of that technician showing up with the right tools for the job, with the right permits and instructions is slim to none without these women.