Royal Class Service Completed an Upgrade at a Residential Housing Project in New Paltz, NY

The Royal Class Service team replaced 36 boilers and 36 water heaters with more energy-efficient appliances

Royal Class Service is proud to announce the completion and upgrade of Paltz Commons, an apartment complex on Main Street in New Paltz, New York. Our team has been working diligently for the past two years with owners of the New Paltz location and Central Hudson Gas & Electric representative Stanley Pajak to replace 36 boilers and 36 water heaters with more energy-efficient appliances and a fuel conversion and appliance upgrade project.

These upgrades and enhancements will allow the residents of the housing complex to experience the full benefits and greatly reduced operating costs associated with hot water ALL year long as well as heating in the winter. Central Hudson Gas & Electric and Royal Class Service have been updating residential properties together since 2013 with conversions to safe reliable clean natural gas over other alternatives available in the Hudson Valley market.

Royal Class Service’s Experts Dan Allison, Eric Sandri, Dylan Burger, and Matthew Winkler made a four-man team led by the company’s proud owner and CEO Matthew Pillius. With Dan A. as the team leader for onsite project management and the unmatched technical and trade expertise of the company and team members, this entire project was complete and the homes of 36 families were transformed within one month on location.

With the additional services of Precision Pipeline Solution’s Derek Runion for gas meter setting and equipment commissioning safety checklists, all the units have been safely put into service. With the expert set up of accounts by Central Hudson Gas & Electric’s Stanley Pajak and Royal Class Services Dianne Dodero, clients’ new gas meter accounts and equipment warranty registrations are all active and filed!

Special thanks to Royal Class Service’s subcontractor FJM Chimney’s owner Frank Messina for another flawless chimney lining restoration project, with all the buildings chimneys now safely code compliant with Central Hudson Gas & Electric’s required stainless steel chimney liners.

From large-scale replacements like the housing project on Main Street to individual home service needs, Royal Class Service has been helping the Hudson Valley area for more than 20 years. We offer plumbingheatingcooling, water treatment, radon gas removal systems, and additional home services. Our plumbers and HVAC technicians are dedicated to providing the best in customer service and hold personal trade licenses as well as the owner’s 6 master plumbing licenses for the coverage area of the company. With every project we work on, the comfort and security of those in the home or complex are always at the top of our minds, and we will not stop until those needs are met.

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