Important New York Heating Preparations for Winter Season

How well your heating system functions in your Hudson Valley home makes a difference for your comfort level. But no matter how well your Hudson Valley heating system works, if all the heated air is escaping because you have a drafty home, it’s a waste of energy and money until those issues are fixed.

If your home is drafty, it can’t possibly keep you warm during our cold winter season. A drafty home means your heated air is constantly escaping, which means energy wastage for you and your pocket book. It’s difficult to live in a home that you know is wasting your hard earned dollars, but are you aware of where your problems lie with the home and why it’s so drafty?

Obviously, under and around the doors or through your windows are the main two areas of your Hudson Valley home that will waste your energy. The door and window areas of your home are where you’ll see the most changes when the weather temperatures drop too, which can create gaps for your heated air to escape.

Keeping the windows properly sealed with a good quality sealant is another important area you should take a look at. Protecting your homes heated air with good sealing doors and windows is a must in New York if you want to keep your heated air inside where it should be.

Your attic spaces, wall cavities, knee walls, crawl spaces, and more can be lacking in insulation. These areas need to be properly insulated or large amounts of heated air will be flowing right through them.

Humidity Control Equipment, A New York Homeowner’s Best Friend

Humidity will also be important to maintain the proper indoor climate for your Hudson Valley home. Too much humidity means your home can harbor problems like mold and mildew growth, rotting wood, insect infiltration, and more. Since every home is completely different, your home’s indoor humidity level may differ significantly from your neighbors.

Heating & Plumbing Services Help You Prepare For Cold Weather

A professional HVAC technician, like ours here at Royal Class Service, can test or assess your home’s humidity levels, check for energy wastage, find those gaps and cracks where you need to improve sealant or insulation, and more.

We can advise you on the proper humidity control equipment for your Hudson Valley home, give your heating system a tune up so it works great all winter, and prep your water heater tanks and plumbing for freezing weather. At Royal Class Service, we have a team of expert plumbers who can also assist you with weatherizing your plumbing pipes to keep them from freezing.

Prepping your home for cold weather is important. You have enough to worry about with the holidays fast approaching, so why not have everything done now so later you can enjoy a long winter season in the comfort of a nicely heated home?