Royal Class Service Staff Includes Three Plumbing & Mechanical “Plumbers of the Month”

"As a homeowner, finding a good plumber is important and maintaining a good relationship is everything. Royal Class Service is all of that and more." - R.R. 

Royal Class Service Staff Includes Three Plumbing & Mechanical “Plumbers of the Month”

Plumbers Daniel Allison, Bruce Perry, and Matthew J. Pillius of Royal Class Service in Hudson Valley each hold Plumbing & Mechanical “Plumber of the Month” titles, chosen for their dedication to their industry and customers.

Royal Class Service in Hudson Valley currently has three Plumbing & Mechanical “Plumbers of the Month” on staff. Both plumber Daniel Allison and Bruce Perry have been previously named to the popular publication’s “Plumber of the Month” listing.

Plumber Daniel Allison was selected in June 2018 as the “Plumber of the Month” by Plumbing & Mechanical. He was highly praised by Royal Class Service Owner and CEO Matthew Pillius as an invaluable team member, even describing him as “the true definition of a craftsman.” Due to his extensive industry experience, Daniel is capable of working not only on plumbing systems but also on HVAC systems, which often share similar components and designs. It was due to his in-depth knowledge and adaptability that he was chosen as the “Plumber of the Month.”

Plumber Bruce Perry was selected in July 2019 as the “Plumber of the Month” by Plumbing & Mechanical. Perry joined Royal Class Service in 2018, creating the most trusted name in plumbing, heating, and HVAC throughout the greater Hudson Valley region. Perry has always shown a high level of skill and knowledge for things plumbing related, which is why he was chosen as the “Plumber of the Month.” Bruce was also highly praised by Mr. Pillius once the title was announced, describing him as a man with “the utmost pure integrity” in his work and personality.

Plumber Matthew J. Pillius was selected in July 2020 as the “Plumber of the Month” by Plumbing & Mechanical. Pillius is the president, owner, and CEO of Royal Class Service. He is described as a “truly the epitome of a craftsman and an entrepreneur” due to his dedication to designing custom systems for each of his customers after assessing their needs and preferences. He is also extremely caring about each employee, offering them more than enough time in their schedule to ensure they can attend important family events. He has been an essential part to keeping the community healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he has provided proper PPE and sanitization tools. He has also made it a point to give back to the community by donating to employee selected non-profits. When asked about his title, Pillus explained that it was “an honor,” and that he owes it all to his own mentors and his incredible team at Royal Class Service.

Additional information about Daniel Allison’s, Bruce Perry’s, and Matthew J. Pillius’ Plumbing & Mechanical “Plumber of the Month” selections can be found by visiting,, and respectively.

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