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What To Know About Air Cleaners

Air cleaners can effectively remove particles, gasses, and other chemicals from your indoor air, but there are differences in the capabilities of certain types. Whole-home air cleaners make a healthier environment for you, your family, and friends. Air cleaners are installed on the supply side of the HVAC ductwork, just above the furnace and coil. […]

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Oil To Natural Gas Conversions For Modern Heating In Hudson Valley

There are many older homes in Hudson Valley that have oil burning furnaces, boilers, and fireplaces. Although most of us live north of New York City, air pollution is still a problem to be concerned with. Equally, high heating bills are for any New York state resident. You can find reports that talk about the […]

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Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Provide Many Benefits

Now that it is spring, it is time to start considering how to prepare for the warm part of the year. During the spring and summer, your air conditioner will begin to operate regularly. You and your family will rely on it for the comfort that you enjoy within your home. As such, the spring […]

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City of Newburgh Family Warm and Cozy Once Again

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 For immediate release Newburgh, NY – Paying it forward still exists in our world, this incredible story proves it! A Christmas miracle for Kia M, of Newburgh. Kia expressed to Jerry, an active parishioner of St. Mary’s Church and now St. Francis Church, that her boiler was no longer functioning and […]

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Important New York Heating Preparations For Winter Season

How well your heating system functions in your Hudson Valley home makes a difference for your comfort level. But no matter how well your Hudson Valley heating system works, if all the heated air is escaping because you have a drafty home, it’s a waste of energy and money until those issues are fixed. If […]

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Dealing With Frozen Pipes in Warwick

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility and one of the things that you have to be concerned about is the possibility of frozen pipes for your Warwick home. Plumbing alone has many facets and areas that you must address, aside from worrying about having pipes freeze and burst. At some point, this is likely […]

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FIVE, DIY Steps That Could Save You Big Bucks

1.When was the last time you changed the batteries in the thermostat? If the thermostat back light doesn’t light up or is flashing, you should change the batteries. 2.Have you checked the indoor units air filter? Airflow throughout your unit is vital, and it is important for your filters to be changed regularly. If the filter is […]

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Plumbing Questions About Your Irrigation System

After so many years in the Plumbing industry, we come across a lot of questions about sprinkler and irrigation systems. If you’re considering having one installed, you may have questions or want to know a few things, so our expert Hudson Valley Plumber is offering you a little advice through some common questions and answers. […]

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Plumbers in New Windsor, NY 12553 Give Residents the Royal Treatment!

The Hudson Valley region is a wide area that is comprised of the valley of the Hudson River and its neighboring communities in New York state. It stretches from the cities of Albany and Troy southward to Yonkers in Westchester County. When the Erie Canal was built in the 19th century, the area was opened […]

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How Heating Repairs Can Help You Save Money

How Heating Repairs Can Help You Save Money Keeping your heating unit in excellent condition with regular maintenance and frequent repairs is one of the best ways you can save money in your Hudson Valley home. Not only will maintenance and repairs make sure that your heating unit lasts as long as possible, but they […]

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