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Last summer or fall, you may have seen natural gas crews installing new gas services neighborhood. You may have noticed our Gold and Purple Service and Installation Vans at one of your neighbors homes. Or you might have caught a glimpse of one of our yard signs around town or on your street. I know it’s hard to believe, but the 2017 oil to natural gas conversion season is well underway. In fact the weather’s been so crazy warm, I’ve already converted houses…get this…IN FEBRUARY!

Why it generally takes me two to three weeks to arrange a conversion at your house.

Instead of you having to make all the arrangements involved with the gas company, the town or city building department, the electrical and fire inspector, and the oil tank removal company – I handle all of these necessary steps.

Otherwise, it would essentially be like me giving you a part time job with no training, (and believe me it’s a headache to learn the rules of the different towns and cities involved). We actually step in as your “homeowner advocate” and we will navigate through the agencies to make the necessary arrangements for your conversion.

Let’s face it: We are all CRUNCHED for time these days. So unless you are bored and enjoy going back and forth to the building department two or three times with all the correct forms signed in just the right place. We Got You Covered! But actually, I personally take NO CREDIT for this, because the team we have assembled at Royal Class Service (with literally hundreds of the very same conversions completed for your neighbors over the past 5 years) are the experts!

Eight Tasks That Make A Conversion Feel Like TOO MUCH WORK!

  1. Arranging the gas company to actually bring the gas service to your home
  2. Selecting The Proper Conversion Products For Heating & Hot Water
  3. Acquiring ALL The Proper Permissions
  4. Arranging The Chimney Inspection and Oil Tank Removal and Timing These To the Installation Exact Date Of The New Systems
  5. Arranging The Gas Company To Actually Hang The New Gas Meter On The Exact Installation Date
  6. Arranging ALL The Necessary Inspections For Fire Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Electrical Inspector
  7. Registering Your Brand New Systems For Warranty Coverage
  8. Filing For Your Efficiency & Conversion Rebate Checks!

IF you just wish all this could be handed to you on a silver platter, WISH NO MORE!

This and MUCH MORE is done for you by the experts at Royal Class Service on EVERY CONVERSION we complete. IF there is any part of the process that requires your attention, we actually give you simple step-by-step instructions and empower you with what to say and when!

Following a site visit and evaluation by a Licensed Master Plumber, we will determine your needs including gas load, replacement equipment sizing, and options. Our project teams know all the codes, building department permitting and installation requirements. We will present a complete project priced and ready for installation.


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“I have never had a better experience with a company.”
I can honestly say, I have never had a better experience with a company. They went out of their way in every way, from coming to me at 7:30 in the morning when I had no other time, to bringing me coffee when they installed the boiler. They call back right away, are there when they say they are going to be, and got me a good price and very good financing. I will recommend them to anyone who needs their services.

“Glad I Called”
The overall installation was very good. Crew was very nice and professional and spent extra time to ensure a clean install and protect the carpet.

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