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Fishkill plumber and heating repair specialistAt Royal Class Service, it’s our goal to make sure that the parts of your home that are most important to you and your family are in the best condition possible. Your Fishkill plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year. Our experienced Hudson Valley HVAC and plumbing technicians are here to assist you with all of your routine and emergency service needs.

We’ve been serving Fishkill and the surrounding areas for more than thirteen years. And over the years, we’ve developed a reputation as the most dependable and trusted Fishkill plumbers and heating & air contractors in the area. Before every job we perform, we’ll provide you with an upfront price, so you always know how much it will end up costing. And all of our Fishkill plumbing and HVAC contractors are licensed, trained, and extensively experienced, so we can guarantee satisfaction with all of our work.

Call us today if you’re in need of any repairs for your plumbing or heating/cooling systems and we’ll be looking forward to work with you.

Fishkill Plumbing Services

Your Fishkill plumbing system is responsible for a huge part of the comfort of your home. So making sure it’s always working at its best is an absolute necessity. From emergency plumbing repairs to sewer replacement and new plumbing installation, we have the skills and experienced to assist with any plumbing job.

In our part of the country, there is a serious risk of pipe freezing during snow and ice storms. This is usually a risk when it comes to exterior pipes, which may not be properly insulated. If the pipes freeze in your home, there is a possibility that they will burst, causing leaks, cracks, and warped pipes. Don’t hesitate to call us for frozen pipe repair services in the Fishkill area.

Fishkill Heating Repairs

It’s important to make sure your Fishkill home’s heating system is up-to-date before it gets cold outside. Going without heat for a night or two isn’t an option when the temperature starts to drop. It can also be a serious safety issue for you and your family. We provide Fishkill heating repair and maintenance services to help keep you warm and cozy all winter long. We know how important it is to have the heating in your home doing it’s job perfectly, and we’re able to fix any heating unit at all, including heat pumps, boilers, central heat, and furnaces.

Fishkill Air Conditioning Repair

When summer arrives, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of time relaxing in your air-conditioned home. With our Fishkill AC maintenance and repair services, you can be sure that your AC unit is ready to go before it gets warm outside. Scheduled air conditioner maintenance allows us to quickly repair minor issues before they become expensive problems for you and your AC. We also offer emergency AC repair, as well as complete air conditioner replacement.


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The overall installation was very good. Crew was very nice and professional and spent extra time to ensure a clean install and protect the carpet.




Overall Rating: 5/5

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Fishkill, NY

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